About me

My name is Jordi Gimeno Bureu, I was born in Badalona in 1998. Since then I have been passionate about the motor since childhood, and since recently I have been able to combine the two passions that I like the most: traveling and the photography.

I started in the world of photography about 7 years ago. I am currently an amateur photographer and I collaborate with different websites.

In his trajectory he has collaborated Centimetros Cubicos, Diario Motor, Formula Student, Soy Motor, Momento GP, El Acelerador, Motor Planet, Tercer Equipo, Formula Rapida, and PrensaSport together with the Catalan Handball Federation, in the final of the Supercopa de Catalunya 2022.

I also collaborated with SMC.Photosports in conjunction with the organization Super Seven by toro tyres.

Collaboration with Lifebelucky, with Monlau Motul Technical School, and other clients.

Photographer of different teams from TCR Spain.

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